The last MC Factory round table brought together marketing executives from 4 brands in various business sectors: Maserati, Undiz, AccorHotels and Boursorama Bank.

The objective is clear: to identify the 10 marketing and digital priorities for 2018. Successfully managing these insights, however, requires the best technological tools available. To separate the wheat from the chaff among the many existing platforms, and help you make the right choices, here are some recommendations that have emerged from our experience working with more than 200 brands. This week we are focusing on the following top 5 priorities:

1) Capitalising on a virtuous circle of data

“Given the quantity of customer data that is now swamping the brands, the challenge for 2018 will be to better select, analyse and use this data to enhance customer intelligence.”

This is the main goal of the Data Marketing Platform (DMP) tools: to reconcile the customer data collected through different touchpoints so that the large quantity of data (Big Data) can be transformed into an operational resource for marketing. Leading brands have embraced the Oracle Bluekai and Adobe Audience Manager so that the data can be fed into and optimise their marketing, CRM and e-commerce strategies in order to create personalised, contextualised and engaging experiences, while controlling marketing pressure. What’s more, it can be used to enrich this data with more detailed data on the social media channel and reconcile it with your internal Reachfive data, making this a significant asset!

2) Ever more customisation

“From customer intelligence flows the Holy Grail of modern marketing: personalised messages.”

In order to reach a consumer that is increasingly spoilt for choice, establishing a one-to-one relationship has become essential for any advertiser. This increasingly personalised approach can be driven by Accengage or MyElefant on the mobile channel, and Adobe Target or Oracle Maxymiser on the e-mailing channel.

3) The customer experience at the heart of the online and offline journey

The past year has seen the customer experience reign supreme in marketing, so “disrupting the experience will be the watchword for 2018!”

To do this, you need to know which will be the preferred channels that will guide the experience imagined for each customer? It will be essential to have an in-depth understanding of the habits of your target customers so that you can adapt to their expectations and create an element of surprise with an original and personalised experience that is in keeping with the journeys that your customers will have chosen. This is where Marketing Intelligence comes in: our team of experts can provide you with disruptive insights based on a Customer Centric methodology to help you define your strategic marketing guidelines and choose the related technical solutions.

4) Brand content – driver of the marketing system

“The challenge is also to select the content that you want to push, because it is not only about finding the right message, but also the right vehicle for this message, following a principle used by the media”.

In order to produce relevant content for your brand, it needs to be creative, strategically relevant and technically feasible. This is the value proposition of the digital content division within Waisso: an ad hoc team for each project, composed of creative people, marketing strategy consultants and resource strategy consultants. We work on the CRM, Social Media and Display creations.

5) Programmatics and retargeting driving efficiency

“The right message at the right time, but always, to the right person. In the digital age, the basic rules of marketing remain more relevant than ever.”

This problem, combined with the proliferation of sales and communication channels, means that companies now have to be experts in both marketing and technology. Choosing the best technological solution to meet the challenges of marketing & CRM is essential: Adobe Target and Oracle Maxymiser are some of the market-leading solutions with which we can help you.

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And see you next week for more in-depth analysis of the next 5 insights!

Check out the video of the MC Factory round table: “Maserati, Undiz, AccorHotels, Boursorama Bank: the top 10 marketing & digital priorities for 2018” here.