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With the exponential growth of the connected objects, the IoT (Internet of Things) is revolutionizing the marketing habits of all the present companies on the net.
With more than 30 billion connected objects waited by 2020, the professionals of the sector are unanimous as for the necessity of adapting itself to the new consumers requirements. Any physical object and thus connected to internet can be considered IoT: watches, balances, houses, cars, thermostats, etc. And more recently, whole “smart cities” were born. Thus the IoT is going to cause a new explosion of the available data.

Combined with Big Data tools, this new wealth of information offers almost unlimited customization potential. Indeed, in the heart of the connected objects, there is the technology in the material sense and, especially, the datum. Its collection is major. The storage capacity of the connected objects allows the transport of the data, in particular via the cloud, towards the Big Data platforms.

So, companies will have more and more need for stretchable spaces of storage and for consequent databases. These databases will need a big capacity of calculation, to receive and handle immediately all this information. So the tools, with algorithms calculating real time clusters, such as the CDP, are thus only in their young years…

The IoT and the Big Data are therefore at the heart of marketing strategies with huge stakes for years to come. Indeed, the mass of data collected through connected objects is already being used to better understand the market and consumer users, in order to offer them an optimized experience, increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and promotions, and also to improve mobile applications.

Gradually, the goal is the immediate identification of new needs for a timely and relevant response with increasingly intelligent objects. So we can predict without any difficulty that this will lead to more sales of these types of objects.

So, the main challenge of the professionals of the marketing is the capacity to integrate and to exploit the data obtained from connected objects for “the Internet of Me”. This hyper personalized service, which aims at satisfying the preferences and the expectations of every customer with the biggest precision and on all the types of supports, will modify in depth the marketing and the customer relationship.


According to the Syntec Numérique Barometer – BVA, the connected objects are used this day by the consumers for: facilitate them the everyday life (23 %), watch their health (21 %), move (20 %) and protect itself (14 %).

In the long run, for example, the house could look like a smart space where the main appliances (television, refrigerator, dishwasher, coffee maker, alarm clock… ) are interconnected. So it would be the dream playground for marketers to ensure an unprecedented user experience

“OK Google, how am I going?”

With all the information of objects connected available, imagine yourselves, waking up and asking your Google assistant how you go via your connected watch. It will give you your vital day constants and will be capable of asking your coffee maker to prepare you the coffee which corresponds to your tension then to launch the music corresponding to your humor via your Deezer account, on your Google Home loudspeaker. And we can also imagine it, telling you if you have enough to prepare dishes corresponding to your calorie need of the day according to what you have in your refrigerator or which distance to run in the morning for your jogging before going to work, even if it means relaunching you via a SEA banner !

And now we understand why e-health companies already see this technology as a favorable playground for their development.