Knowing who your audiences and customers are, getting a comprehensive overview of their journeys, identifying the most powerful content and channels, becoming aware of the irritants that obstruct customer relations during cross-channel interaction (email, SMS, web, mobile, social media, etc.) while complying with the new data protection regulation (GDPR)… A customer-centric business must master these parameters through cross-channel analytical monitoring to ensure optimum ROI (Return On Investment) from its marketing and commercial strategies.

Data management: the right data to drive your business development

Deploying faultless relational marketing means being able to capitalise on hundreds of megabytes, and even terabytes, of heterogeneous data from the multiple interactions customers take part in throughout their journeys. To make the most of their data assets, maintain a high level of data quality, achieve a sound understanding of consumer habits, journeys, and expectations, and to fine tune marketing and commercial strategies, Information Systems Divisions (ISDs) and Marketing Divisions need to work together to collect, confront, enrich, and analyse data to improve their customer knowledge and deliver personalised experiences in real time. A major challenge not to be neglected…




On 25 May 2018, every company, regardless of size, will have to comply with the new regulation on the protection of personal data (GDPR). An obligation that will have a direct impact on the marketing, sales and IT departments, necessarily requiring them to assess the management of their customer data in order to identify the risks and secure the processes and access permissions. What’s more, it is surely an opportunity for brands to be truly Customer Centric and review their marketing, CRM and commercial strategies in order to build trust with consumers, obtain their consent and get them actively involved in a long-term relationship.



customer data quality

Permanently guaranteeing a high level of data quality in Marketing databases and CRM or online applications is a requirement that applies to all brands to secure long-lasting relations with their existing and prospective customers and achieve successful, engaging interactions that lead to purchases. Giving marketing, commercial, and e-commerce divisions an accurate, dependable vision thanks to a Data Quality Management process is crucial for optimising the performance of the strategies implemented.


Customers are omnipresent: on the web, mobile, in-store, via interactions on social networks or with call centres. As omni-channel consumers, they emit information as they progress through their journeys, which can provide accurate customer knowledge. The rewards: identifying the right targets, controlling the customer journey, anticipating their needs, predicting their purchase intentions, increasing conversion rates, optimising loyalty, reducing online fraud risks, etc. Thanks to smart data, web analytics, datamining, predictive analysis, and more, it is now possible to understand and segment targets and audiences, so as to send them the right offer at the right time, through the right channel: email, web, SMS, mobile, social, off-line, etc.

WAISSO’s talents come into play in analysing raw data in real time (web, mobile, social media) and more specific business analytics based on our customers’ objectives: audience profiles; engagement rates; shopping cart finalising; decision journeys; web-to-store; mobile-to-store; cross-device interactions; programmes for acquiring, fostering and retaining loyalty; content performance; marketing investments attribution, etc. to continuously improve the smooth performance, consistency, and cross-channel synergies of current digital strategies.


So how do you deduplicate, consolidate, enrich, refine, and analyse these exponential data flows to achieve a unique and reliable Marketing Datamart that is tailored to your business specifics, and switch from Big Data to Smart Data? How do you define scenarios based on behavioural and predictive analysis, optimise cross-channel marketing campaigns, catchment areas, and sales outlets to build a meaningful and lucrative relational marketing strategy in real time?

Because of their experience and insights into your business, WAISSOconsultants conduct decisional and data quality projects in direct contact with your users, so as to anticipate your customers’ expectations and implement a zero-defect relational marketing programme. True craftsmanship to establish a contextualised, personalised one-to-one relationship with your customers.

Whether the solutions you need to implement involve Business Intelligence (BI), Data Quality Management (DQM), Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM), Data Management Platforms (DMP), Analytical Modelling, personalised campaign monitoring dashboards, or designing unique customer / prospects, GDPR compliance… Our understanding of marketing challenges and our technical expertise (DB design and administration, technical architecture, etc.) will ensure you make the right decisions and deploy powerful marketing and commercial strategies.