How important is SEO ? 2 figures: 93% of online experiences start with a query on a search engine and about 70% of clicks come from natural results. It is therefore vital to be successful in these search engines in order to be visible and attract new prospects. Waisso is an SEO agency that ensures you a better natural search referencing and increased visibility on search engines.

Today, the first page of a search result represents 91% of the clicks, with 33% of the clicks on the first link. Sites that not appear in the first results are therefore virtually invisible, a trend that is accelerating with mobile browsing.

But how to appear on the first page? What are the ranking and SEO criteria? What complementarity with SEA?

Google and Bing are constantly changing their link hierarchy algorithm on the results pages, although some guidelines still remain relevant :

Are the pages optimized for the right keywords?

  • Are the meta tags correctly filled?
  • Is the netlinking of the site solid and judicious?
  • Are there referring links pointing to the site? Are they useful?
  • Are external links reliable?
  • Does the platform respect different technical standards?
  • How is the architecture of the site organized ?
  • Is the loading speed of the pages satisfactory?
  • Etc.

Solving these different issues allows the brand website to be a real crossroads of natural audience.


After an audit phase, the support of the Waisso agency is structured in three steps, each of them is measured by management and monitoring tools.

1 / Optimization of the technical architecture

  • Quick wins around the existing architecture (tag – meta – redirection, …)
  • Optimization of the internal and external networking
  • Validation of the W3C standards
  • Navigation crawlability
  • Sitemap readability – robot.txt
  • URL structure

2 / Optimization of the semantic ecosystem

  • Identification of semantic cocoons via SEO and console tools
  • Qualification of relevant keywords
  • Increased long tail
  • Content optimization
  • Content production strategy
  • SEO – SEA coherence

3 / Optimization of the user path (CRO)

  • Identification and analysis of customer paths via analytics & heatmaps tools
  • Improved user experience
  • Strategic recommendations
  • Mobile approach

Certifications and tools:

screaming-frog Semrush