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Today, social networks (social ads) represent a strategic lever for brands since they have become a a full leading audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter B2C side, LinkedIn B2B side. Some figures to illustrate this observation : 38 million French people are considered as active users, with an average usage of one hour per day. 91% of these users even have a daily practice … Furthermore, if we consider the quantity and quality of the data collected by the platforms, it is easy to understand why advertisers are now spending nearly 20% of their marketing budget on social ads.

Another advantage is the walled-garden approach of these players. Today with the RGPD, tomorrow with e-Privacy, the cookie will tend to lose value and marketing reach. In this context, the logged universes that are the social networks have an undeniable competitive advantage since they already allow to have a unified view of the user behavior, which feeds all approaches of customer knowledge.



Conscious that content and acquisition must communicate, Waisso agency has developed a complementary social media & social paid approach. Indeed, there is no point in investing media budgets on Facebook Ads if no relevant content strategy succeeds in building customer loyalty.

Conversely, it will be difficult to have a return on investment in terms of leads on LinkedIn if the social media approach is not accompanied by an acquisition campaign plan on social networks.

Thus, we integrate the social media approach in our strategic recommendation and management of paid social campaigns in order to implement a perennial policy.




  • Engage your community : building a responsive community on your various social networks through the promotion of engaging contents
  • Generation of affinity traffic : increased visibility of your site or your offer by highlighting qualitative content
  • Increased sales volume : lead generation via targeting channels with powerful ROI like : retargeting, customer audience (CRM) or centers of interest
  • Form completion : removal of the resistance to form filling by advantage of auto-completion features offered by the different platforms

Our support is structured around a personalized action plan:

  • Audit of existing accounts
  • Strategic recommendations and campaign plans
  • Social media & social paid creation campaigns
  • Matrix creation and campaign architecture
  • Scenarios, audiences, targeting and content definition
  • Implementation and piloting of campaign process
  • Campaign traffic management and measurement (Facebook Analytics)
  • Roll-out
  • Production of creative content
  • Facebook Ads