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Employee Advocacy : turn your employees into your brand ambassadors 



Are you looking into turning your employees into brand ambassadors, especially on social media? Waisso can help you in creating and implementing your employee advocacy program. 

Employee advocacy or e-advocacy consists in rallying the employees of a company and give them the opportunity to become digital brand ambassadors, especially on social media. By turning employees into real and credible points of contacts, employee advocacy helps brands amplify their voice and rehumanize their communication. 




Did you know that… 

  • 90% of consumers trust recommendations made by family and friends  
  • Job applicants increasingly often research information on their future recruiters online (Glassdoor or ChooseMyCompany)​ 
  • 88% of businesses have a digital transformation strategy 
  • The impact of a brand message is multiplied by 24 when employees share it 

In this context, implementing a digital ambassador program will help you reach various goals 

  • Increase brand visibility and generate more sales leads  
  • Brand your employees as experts in their own field by encouraging them to share specialized content on social media (technological watch, industry news, in-depth analyses…) 
  • Rally your employees and create a sense of belonging at the workplace in order to build a stronger talent acquisition community and improve employment brand 

How can Waisso help you design and implement your employee advocacystrategy? 

Thanks to our experience with large-scale e-advocacy projects, our consultants can advise and support you in all the stages of your employee advocacy program: 

  • Eadvovacysolutions: benefit from the expertise of our consultants thanks to our partnerships with the employee advocacy platforms Smarp and Hootsuite Amplify. We will help you select the best e-advocacy tool for your business and will ensure the configuration, optimization and support of the platform. 
  • In-house communication: we design the questionnaires and carry out the necessary interviews to identify the most motivated employees and the future key actors of your ambassador strategy. We recommend the best internal governance and we help you promote the program among your employees (launch events, in-house communication guidelines…). 
  • Training: we organize workshops and training sessions, both on-site and remote, to create awareness about your social media best practices and empower your employees to use your eadvocacy tool. 
  • Content strategy: we recommend the best editorial approach for your e-advocacy program and help curate the content that your employees will share. 
  • Reporting: we help you select your KPIs and create your reporting to monitor the progress of your ambassador program. 
  • Documentation: we create all the necessary documentation to ensure the success of your ambassador program: social media best practices, technical guidelines and training guides for your e-advocacy platform, social media ambassador contracts