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Reporting & Analytics: Moving from “big” to “intelligent” data.

Today the data is the new gold, intelligence is based on it and decisions of the companies come from it. With the rise of social media, this is even more the case.
But beyond the pure collection of data and its categorization, Waisso works to make it readable and relevant to your business strategy on social networks.

Make sense of the data.

Even before you start analyzing the data associated with your posts, our teams work hand in hand with yours will categorize the data in the most relevant way possible. By querying your editorial calendars, your product catalogs, your paid activation, your marketing campaigns, our experts will create a clear and complete mapping of your posts and their data. In order for you to be able to read the performance of your campaigns at all levels.

Match your business goals with comprehensible KPIs.

Providing you with clear indicator mapping is necessary so that you can evaluate the performance of your campaigns on social networks. Our teams always strive to find the indicators that best meet your business objectives. Waisso offers an intelligent analysis of your data by objective and associates them with a panel of metrics that will show you accurately the performance of your social campaigns.

Making the most out of your data.

With its expertise on social networks and with our customers, Waisso develops a methodology that goes far beyond the analysis of simple engagement and click rates. By analyzing your content and those of your competitors, our teams offer a panel of KPIs that will allow you to really evaluate the performance of your campaigns on current indicators.

Visualize agile way …

In addition to guiding you in your way of evaluating your performance. Our experts will build visual reports, they will offer several views to get your indicators easily and graphically. With our dynamic Dashboards, you can focus on the Key Learnings of your campaigns. Our social media team works with the key players in data visualization, such as: Hootsuite, Linkfluence, Sprinklr.

… and act accordingly.

In addition to assisting you in creating your reports and visual dashboards, Waisso will go further by helping you understand your performances. With its experience with large groups but also smaller innovative structures, our team will challenge your campaigns and propose actions to amplify them in an organic way but also on the paid social activations.