Boosting your company’s competitiveness and winning market share in an environment constrained by the GDPR, involve mutual commitment from your marketing and commercial divisions to clearly defined strategies serving decisively omni-channel customers, and an irreproachable customer experience.


Confronted with agile consumers avid for novel experiences, reinventing marketing and commercial strategies is crucial in order to step up impact and contribute to reaching objectives.

In the era of non-linear, seamless customer relations accelerated by digital and user-friendly technologies, developing breakaway cross-channel marketing strategies to spotlight your brand, acquire, engage and retain customers and generate recurrent business is fast becoming a complex science.

What’s the best marketing strategy to implement? In response to which challenges? Do I need to focus on acquisition or loyalty? Who are my customers and how do I address them? What marketing mix do I need to coordinate? Which channels need to be activated and how do I optimise synergies between them? How do I include mobile in my marketing plan? How can I accelerate growth in sales? How can I create new purchasing moments? What are the right levers for optimising repeat purchases? Where can I find new growth drivers?


For a better understanding, WAISSO helps its customers define the strategic and commercial marketing guidelines they need to attain their business objectives:

  • Customer intelligence / profiling and in-house business objectives
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Analysing how current marketing strategies match customer journeys and the objectives set for them
  • Consulting and recommendations for powerful cross-channel strategies
  • Support for implementing a strategic plan spanning the entire customer lifecycle
  • Acquisition and loyalty strategies
  • Sponsorship and ambassador programmes
  • Conversion rate optimisation programmes
  • Choosing better marketing, digital, and social media levers
  • Organisational consulting and change management
  • Upgrading of the marketing & commercial activities for GDPR compliance

Thanks to their customer-centric vision, business expertise and informed advice, WAISSO consultants today help over 200 companies to optimise their marketing and commercial strategies, from design to deployment.