/ Partners

As an agency specializing in marketing consultancy and digital performance in Marketing, Commercial, Digital and e-business divisions, WAISSO relies on key market technologies to bring its customers powerful, hands-on solutions.

WAISSO tailors and customizes the software solutions below to meet its customers’ requirements:

  • Accengage: SaaS solution for managing Push notifications for mobile applications, websites and Facebook Messenger
  • Adobe Experience Cloud: Marketing Campaign Management, Analytical Management, Digital Asset Management (DAM), Data Management Platform (DMP) and Customer Data Segmentation (Target), Web and Mobile device Experience Design, Customization and Broadcasting (AEM),
  • Leader in push notifications and mobile CRM.
  • in CPAAS (Communication Platform As A Service). DE Cloud Messaging solutions are fully integrated and allow you to manage all mobile interactions in one place.
  • DQE Software: Data Quality Management (RNVP postal address standardization and verification, deduplication, data enhancement, etc.)
  • Eulerian: a fully integrated Customer Data Platform solution (CDP) that manages the entire customer journey by facilitating the reconciliation of offline and online data around an attribution view.
  • Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads allows to create qualified traffic that can meet the business objectives of your company
  • Get quanty: B2B predictive scoring solution that analyzes the visitors behavior in real time, identifies the affiliated companies and categorizes them according to their commitment.
  • Gigya: A customer digital identity management (CIAM) and existing and prospective customer enhancement platform
  • Google Analytics: Web audience monitoring solution
  • Google Ads : paid search 2.0
  • Hootsuite: Global solution for managing social media (Community Management, Paid média, Listening, e-reputation, Advocacy, Care, Monitoring)
  • Khoros: comprehensive platform to engage with your customers throughout their journey
  • Linkfluence: Listening solution and monitoring of social networks
  • Mazeberry: is a French attribution solution
  • Mediarithmics: an open and scalable French data marketing platform that cover the entire value chain of digital marketing and gives the ability to manage an omnichannel activation without intermediaries .
  • MyElefant: Customer relation management on mobile devices / smartphones
  • Oracle Marketing Cloud: BtoC campaigns management (Oracle Responsys) and BtoB (Oracle Eloqua), DMP with Blue Kai and content management with Oracle Miximazer.
  • ReachFive: CIAM solutions for collecting, unifying and managing customer identities across all contact points, online and offline
  • Return Path: ReturnPath solution combine applications designed to deliver deliverability and performance of optimal email marketing campaigns, leading to an increase in revenue.
  • Salesforce marketing cloud:is the market-leading marketing platform for B2C-oriented customer journeys creation.
  • Salesforce Pardot: the Salesforce marketing automation solution, B2B-oriented or long-cycle sales, whose role is to animate your visitors, prospects and customers
  • Salesforce Social Studio: Listen, engage and publish with powerful social media marketing tools
  • Selligent : Application Suite for Marketing and Web Campaign Management
  • Smarp: With Smarp, you develop your communication strategy and employee advocacy while improving employee engagement
  • Sprinklr: Global solution for managing social media (Community Management, Paid média, Listening, e-reputation, Advocacy, Care, Monitoring)
  • Taxi4email: makes it easy for marketers to create their email campaigns
  • TinyClues:specialized in the predictive targeting of marketing campaigns, it’s relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to understand the weak signals of potential buyers

In addition to these major partners, WAISSO maintains a permanent technology watch focusing on the marketing and digital technologies available, so it can always recommend the best solution to its customers.