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Accengage is an SaaS push notification tool for mobile applications, websites and Facebook Messenger for marketers and CRM managers. It automatically posts targeted, personalised and automated messages on desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and connected watches.

With rising push notification opt-in and response rates, Accengage offers marketers all the more advanced features to boost customer commitment, the retention and conversion of their mobile application carriers, the visitors to their websites and the Facebook users who have engaged in a dialogue with their brand.


WAISSO has chosen Accengage, the most advanced push notification solution on the market to help brands yield results from their marketing strategies more quickly and offer a distinctive and relevant multi-channel experience, thanks to these new Push formats on:

  • Mobile: push notifications and in-app messages sent to opt-in users
  • PC: web push notifications for Chrome and Firefox
  • Facebook Messenger: to maintain contact with users through Facebook, even if they do not carry the mobile application

WAISSO is involved in:

  • configuring new interactive push notification formats enriched with images, GIFs, videos, sound, such as In-App banners, In-App interstitials, In-App AlertBoxes, Inboxes, Rich Push notifications, etc.
  • identifying targets to be prioritised by the detailed real-time segmentation of users (behavioural data, campaign history, geomarketing and geofencing, external CRM data, etc.)
  • dynamically customising messages using historical data
  • creating push notification scenarios to increase the impact of relationship marketing strategies on the web and on mobile devices
  • the AB testing of messages
  • creating effective content while taking into consideration technical restrictions (HTML responsive design, ergonomics, UX, libraries of templates and messages, brand identity guidelines)
  • the connections with the CRM for more details in the marketing campaigns

New: for the users of Adobe Campaign, WAISSO has developed the ACA – Adobe Campaign Accengage – connector so that they can coordinate their marketing campaigns and push notifications from a single Adobe Campaign platform and store all the data gathered in order to obtain a more detailed view of the customer as well as improve efficiency and performance.