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DQE Software is a publisher of solutions specialized in the optimization of data quality, predictive text, real time quality control, improvement, postal address verification, e-mail analysis, Geo-localization of internet user…

Because the quality of data is a prerequisite to build a good and durable clients/prospect relationship, WAISSO has forged a strategic partnership with DQE Software, an innovative French data quality management company, which has designed preventive and curative solutions available in SaaS mode or hosted at the customer, ensuring a continuous high level of data quality in Marketing databases and CRM or Internet applications.


In order to offer to marketing, sales and e-commerce departments a fair and reliable vision of their customer and prospect databases, WAISSO consultants are working on:

  • Audit and advice on business data: audit of data’s quality, incoming information on a website or in a CRM, with scoring, recommendation on what ot improve and data enrichment processing. Consulting in data quality management solution.
  • Improved customer knowledge with real-time segmentation based on consumer profiles and appetites.
  • Preventive data processing before integration in the CRM: automatic postal addresses entry on a website or on a business application, Real-time pre-existence search, Email address control, assisted entry of BtoB data
  • Curative treatment of the data present in the customer base: Redoubling / Fusion of the data
  • Standardization and validation of postal addresses / RNVP, grouping of families, Cleaning of the email database, Optimized and dedicated architecture (for large volumes)
  • Enrichment of your data: “sirétisation” and data about companies, civility / sex / year of birth compared to the first name, Geolocation of postal address, Generation of email addresses in B2B.

WAISSO implements this Data Quality solution with Adobe Campaign or the Gigya contact database.