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Eulerian is a fully integrated Customer Data Platform (CDP) solution that allows to manage the entire customer experience facilitating the reconciliation of offline and online data around an attribution view. Recently created, CDP technologies answer a real need from brands : how to get a unified view of the customer journey at the customer level in order to customize the experience?
Forerunner in data collection and analysis, the partnership with Eulerian allows us to address the issues of cross-channel activation.


Eulerian’s 4 areas of expertise

  • Collection : for a long time, Eulerian was an analytics solution and it has retained its ability to collect proprietary data (site-centric, ad-centric and customer-centric) thanks to its tag and the catalogue of nearly 200 connectors. The challenge is to aggregate all of the marketing touch points.
  • Segmentation : the data thus collected is refined and segmented in real time according to the different calculation rules. These audience clusters enable a BI first level  approach as well as to identify potential activations.
  • Activation : sending audience segments to the media partners (DSP, DMP, Adserver, SEA, Social Ads) and marketing automation or on-site customization technologies.
  • Attribution : marketing attribution is Eulerian’s historic business. It allows to identify the real contribution of each lever in the conversion path, and thus to optimize the budget allocation.


How can WAISSO support you ?

Thank to its technical and business expertise, Waisso supports you on 3 levels :

  • Implementation of the Eulerian tool in the client IS architecture
  • Activation : business support in segment creation and activation strategy
  • Attribution : configuration of the tool and analysis of the client marketing mix in order to identify the relevant levers