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GetQuanty is a B2B predictive scoring solution which analyzes in real time the behaviours of visitors, identifies the affiliated companies and categorizes them according to their commitment to finally animates them and engages them in a lead generation process.


Traditionally, the B2B marketing approach is all about two themes: content management (white papers, articles, …) and trade shows, even though the experience is more and more digital. Privileged point of contact, the brand’s website represents a major audience crossroads that should be exploited. By putting Account Base Management at the heart of the advertisers’ business approach, GetQuanty allows decision makers to have a clear view of the identity and commitment of their prospects, without them having to register!

Hence, the solution ables you to cross the anonymous navigation data with the B2B identification data present in the partner databases.

GetQuanty – Account Based Marketing Approach

Since you know which companies come to visit you, you can then implement the following Lead Generation approaches:

  • Feed your salespeople for a more relevant prospection.
  • Implement automatic retargeting scenarios to encourage lead sales or cross-sell targeting to identified customers
  • Customize the content of your web pages according to the sector of activity of the company that comes to visit you.

With its B2B offer, Waisso can support you on 3 levels:

  • Identification: Integration of the solution allowing to benefit from a match rate of 30 to 50% of the B2B visitors with a generation of automatic firmographic cards, including contacts, coupled with the engagement “on site”.
  • Qualification: Clustering of the site and definition of a scoring “on site” leading to the creation of added value personas.
  • Activation: Management of a marketing automation strategy via different contact points: email retargeting – personalization “on site” – chatbot – display retargeting – twin profiles

Waisso has been honoured to have the price of The Best B2B omnichannel marketing campaign.