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Google Analytics delivers professional internet audience analytics solutions to assess the performance of web, mobile, and mobile app strategies and the impact of Social networks on brand objectives and conversions.

Because all digital and mobile strategies need to be as finely tuned as possible, WAISSO relies on Google Analytics, the lightship solution on the market, to measure the relevance and performance of the recommendations provided, understand internet and mobile users, their journeys, analyse the impact of published content and improve conversion rates.

WAISSO helps marketing, digital, and e-commerce divisions to build meaningful analysis reports that are personalised to suit each customer’s business sector and objectives:

  • Audience analytics: demographics, centres of interest, geographical data, behaviour, and more
  • Acquisition analytics: adwords, searches, social networks, campaigns…
  • Behaviour analytics: most-viewed pages, website speed, site searching, etc.
  • Conversion funnel monitoring: assessing the contribution of the various digital marketing channels
  • Reports dedicated to mobile website and application performance
  • Reports dedicated to social networks: most engaging social media sources, most appealing content, impact on conversion rates