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Mazeberry is a French attribution solution, measuring the real contribution of each component in a conversion funnel as to establish a multi-levers acquisition as relevant as possible. Too often still, announcers find it difficult to have a clear vision of their marketing campaign.
The cause: data restricted by channel, a last click attribution model, an absence of transparency regarding costs, overweight interests in the retargeting methods…
Therefore, installing an attribution strategy can be relevant to optimize one’s media plan.

It can answer multiple needs:

  • Media budgets optimization: reevaluating the real weight of each lever in the conversion journey, located in a unified view allows the right budget to the right partner.
  • Identification of each major step in the client’s journey: ensure a better management of the mix marketing.
  • Sales increase: merchandising’s objectives integration in the data-driven steering of the campaigns, allowing lifetime value increase.

Thanks to its customer-centric focus, Waisso accompanies you on 3 axes:

  • Data aggregation: Structured database creation, reconciliating the offline universe and the online one, centered around performance measurement.
  • Attribution: Definition of a personalized algorithmic data model, allowing the evaluation of the real contribution of each lever in the conversion journey.
  • Contribution: Deep analysis of the customer journey, identifying the efficient couples, the breaking points, the overlay…In conclusion, the final objective is to elaborate the most profitable marketing mix possible, while avoiding the various analysis bias.