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MyElefant is a mobile marketing company founded in 2010, born from the meeting between the experts of mobile multimedia, digital marketing and consumer marketing. To meet customers’ needs and implement an effective mobile strategy, WAISSO recommends MyElefant, which has a rich mobile SMS campaign management solutions and Rich Push.

To cope with the generalization of the mobile in consumer uses, WAISSO has expanded its expertise to integrate mobile technologies in its offers and has enriched its relational marketing programs with multichannel devices, promoting synergies between the web, mobile and offline.

With MyElefant, WAISSO supports advertisers in their mobile strategy, integrating mobile media into all the recurring marketing needs related to communication, recruitment and loyalty in order to develop the turnover generated by mobile devices.



Leader in customer relationship management on mobile devices, MyElefant has built the Enrich Solution, a platform available in SAS mode.
SMS, RichSMS, Push and Rich Push, enable brands to interact with their target trough optimized marketing campaigns, engage customers in stores and help brands
to build powerful mobiles applications. MyElefant gain the trust of tourism, fashion, luxury and e-commerce stakeholders, who have adopted this mobile strategy optimization solutions.

Rich SMS has proven features to manage impactful and effective SMS campaigns that improve the mobile customer experience and achieve nearly 50% more efficiency than traditional SMS campaigns: Simplified campaign creation interface, customizable content management thanks to advanced editing mode, test, duplication, campaign programming, real-time reporting

Rich Push, based on a system of geolocated and personalized notifications, is an undeniable lever for recruitment and customer loyalty. Rich Push enables to send to each mobile users a targeted notification to encourage them to use an offer (coupon), to go to a store (drive-to-store), to opt for a dematerialized loyalty card, to download a mobile application (launch of a new service …) … At the end of the day, you control the sales pressure, you get a stronger customer engagement and better conversion rates.

Communicate effectively via smartphones and mobiles can increase in-store traffic, deliver personalized and contextualized services to consumers, enrich the customer experience, reduce online and offline borders, increase the marketing campaigns efficiency… for better customer knowledge and more engagement.