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Eloqua is an Oracle Marketing Cloud solution, dedicated to Business to Business companies (B2B) that connects to your CRM (Oracle CRM, Salesforce, Dynamics CRM …). Highly intuitive, the solution integrates cross-channel, content, social, data and multiple other applications to automate and mechanize your B2B marketing campaigns.

Eloqua is aimed at both marketing and sales departments, and is the preferred partner for lead management (Leads = more or less qualified sales contacts / opportunities) and to optimize your conversion rates (ROI).


We’ve made the choice of this partnership to complete our CRM & Marketing offer. Thus we can now offer to our B2B clients and some B2C (funnel of long conversion, sellers of products with high added value…), a complete solution of  leads generation mechanization (Leads Management).

Centralizing all contacts (suspects, prospects, customers) into a single database allows the sales force and marketing teams to work together with common goals, on the same platform, to exchange qualified leads / opportunities. Prospects are thus better targeted, salespeople gain better-qualified leads that will easily be converted into customers, allowing at the end a better business volume for the company at lower costs.


  • The various API and connectors facilitate the integration of ELOQUA in CRM platforms like Salesforce, Oracle CRM, Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and even more.
  • Also, with the huge number of applications in Orcale AppCloud, it’s becoming easier and faster for marketers to choose and manage cross-channels actions:  manage events (trades, congress),  webinars, surveys, sms push, emails video (Youtube), etc.
  • Examples of applications availalbe in Oracle AppCloud  :

  • Get registration to your events directly on Eloqua
  • Update the status of shipments, openings, opt-outs etc.
  • Track event and session activity

  • Connect an Eloqua contact to a WebEx meeting or event directly from the canvas.
  • Create actions to evaluate whether a contact has logged in or attended your event.
  • Directly target the contacts who participated in your campaigns.

  • Synchronize your surveys in the Eloqua database.
  • Automate your customer satisfaction programs.
  • Optimize the conversion phase with a personalized sales and support service.


  • E-mailing and multi channels automated campaigns (SMS, Push, Outgoing calls….)
  • Contacts management, synchronization with your CRM (Salesforce, Oracle CRM, MS Dynamics CRM, Selligent, etc..)
  • Follow-up of interactions, behavior and lead scoring.
  • Landing pages and forms management.
  • Analytic and reporting (personalized dashboard)

Hence, Eloqua is an integrated B2B inbound marketing automation solution which is connected to your CRM. The solution centralizes your contacts database to animate these contacts at all stages of the customer life cycle by building personalized campaigns. Finally, it qualifies your leads, measures it and optimizes your conversion rates.

You can also contact us to receive more information on  this solution our consult our page: CRM & Marketing.


  • Definition of BtoB Marketing & Communication Strategy (scenarii, personas, etc.)
  • Segmentation strategy (targeting, scoring)
  • Creation and management of digital content
  • Complete management of marketing campaigns for lead generation (configuration, email creation, landing page, form, A / B testing, launch)
  • Performance management (analysis & reporting, custom dashboard creation)
  • Definition of recommendations and a personalized action plan