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Founded in October 2013, the French start-up ReachFive has developed a “Customer Identity and Access Management” (CIAM) SaaS solution to collect, consolidate and manage customer identities at all contact points, online and offline, for brands across all industries.

Based on authentication, Social Login (Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Paypal, and so on), and Single Sign-On, ReachFive promotes the development of customer-centred corporate strategies by offering secure, multi-channel, multi-site and cross-device customer experiences. Based on data structuring, ReachFive helps companies develop unique customer knowledge for customized and high-performance acquisition and engagement strategies.


WAISSO accompanies the implementation and marketing operations of the ReachFive platform, a specialist in Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) and social data analysis, to help brands enhance their customer knowledge based on the collection, consolidation and management of customer identities.
This enables brands to detect relevant insights and specific affinities in order to understand customers as unique entities and offer them tailored experiences.
This includes:

  • securely simplifying customer authentication and connection
  • streamlining customer experiences
  • increasing conversion rates
  • benefiting from unique customer knowledge
  • mastering data and identifying key insights
  • customising products, services, marketing and communications
  • offering a seamless cross-site and multi-channel customer experience
  • enjoying a major competitive edge

Although consumers are now often in several places at once, they are still impatient and demanding in regards to their brand experience. To rise to these challenges, WAISSO helps brands implement the ReachFive solution:

  • connector implementation across all channels and points of interaction
  • multi-brand and international deployment
  • implementation of a unique, multi-channel, multi-site and cross-device vision on an international scale
  • real-time analysis of raw data (social media and additional web and mobile data)
  • policy analyses and more specific activities, depending on the business objectives of our customers
  • identification of segments and profiles to build affinity audiences
  • implementation of targeted and customized marketing strategies according to scenarios based on behaviour and predictive analysis
  • reporting and dashboards

ReachFive collects customer socio-demographic and affinities data securely and in line with the highest data protection standards in France (RGPD), and complies with CNIL (French national data protection agency) rules on data hosting in France, the right to access, modify and delete personal data, the appointment of a DPO, data centers with high physical and logical security, authorisation and access traceability, and the like.

Major brands trust ReachFive to acquire and manage customer profiles, including Boulanger, Etam, Undiz, Intersport, But, Groupe HappyChic, Ouest-France, Lacoste, SFR and Engie. In 2016, ReachFive managed several million identified profiles, generating more than 20 million connections.