SMARP is an online solution that allows your company to increase its visibility on social networks thanks to professional content accessible through themes, activity or knowledges. With SMARP you give to your collaborators a tool that help them showing their expertise and develop their personal branding as well as an easy way to share content.
SMARP is also a tool that helps on:

  • Internal communication: your collaborators are the first voice of your brand

    • Optimize your communication by measuring employee’s engagement
    • Inform your collaborators with the last company updates
    • Personalized news feed
    • Increase collaborators engagement by chatting directly on the platform


  • Marketing: collaborators who are aware of what is going on in their sector of activity are people that are going to be trusted

    • Increase your content traffic
    • Develop brand awareness thanks to your ambassadors
    • Ameliorate your marketing ROI
    • Measure and optimize your content thanks to in-app analytics


  • Human Resources:

    • Social recruitment thanks to Employee Advocacy program
    • Develop your Employer brand
    • Create a unified workforce
    • Personal branding of your collaborators


  • Sales:

    • More content = more leads
    • Shorter sales cycles
    • Know your prospects and your audience


To learn more about SMARP play the video below: