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Adobe Analytics makes marketing intelligent, giving meaning to channels browsing data to obtain real-time web analytics from advanced customer segmentation across all marketing channels. Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture) is part of the Adobe Experience Cloud package.

With data volumes in relentless expansion and increasingly complex multi-channel interactions, Adobe Analytics lets you decode customer journeys by giving marketing divisions a global view of their online and offline marketing mix.

WAISSO helps marketing managers perform advanced analytics; build intuitive, interactive reports and dashboards so they can achieve their business objectives; identify loyal customers and their centres of interest, customers for retargeting, the most powerful marketing pressure-points; optimise media budgets, monitor revenue, improve conversion rates, and more.


  • 360° internet user analysis
  • Advanced segmentation: personalised real-time analytics from multi-channel customer data for a better understanding of customer and audience behaviour
  • Predictive marketing: anticipating customer expectations by analysing huge volumes of data so as to plan personalised, contextualised marketing campaigns that provide better ROI
  • Assigning marketing channels: understanding each channel’s contribution during the journey to final conversion
  • Real-time visitor analytics: identifying browsing trends and customer journeys to helm your marketing strategy and investment budgets as accurately as possible
  • Mobile app analysis: interaction and mobile campaign analytics, geolocation analytics, mobile data collecting to optimise the performance of mobile strategies, push notification delivery
  • Advanced data display features

WAISSO interfaces ADOBE ANALYTICS with ADOBE CAMPAIGN to enhance customer web browsing intelligence and generate end-to-end campaign reports (from online campaigns through to web page or mobile web page views).