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Google Ads : paid search 2.0



Today, brands allocate an average of 50% of their media budget to SEA (Google Ads, formerly Adwords, Bing Ads …), as this lever is synonymous with strong ROI.

Thanks to the diversity of its formats (Shopping, Gmail, Youtube, GDN, SEA), the Google Ads platform offers a wide range of functions for advertisers to work both intentional audiences and affinity audiences.





With Google Ads, campaign goals can be dedicated to :

  • traffic: to enforce its SEO strategy when launching a business or promoting a new product or service
  • performance: to generate sales on an e-commerce site, generate turnover or B2B leads by filling out a form or a contact request for instance
  • awareness: to allow an advertiser to appear at the top of the first search page and to be visible as quickly as possible by Internet users

A flexible tool open to all

As you can see, paid search is the acquisition lever not to be missed. It works in both B2B and B2C and is aimed at all businesses. Micro businesses, such as small businesses, for example, will prefer local ads and display their campaigns only during opening hours ; while large companies will manage multiple accounts at the same time for their subsidiaries or different branches of a group.

Accompaniment of Waisso: the performance at the forefront

As a Partner Premier agency, Waisso helps advertisers in this paid search process thanks to its Google Ads certified consultants (SEA, Shopping, Mobile, GDN, Youtube) who accompany you and advise you at each step of the project :

  • audit of your existing SEA account and competitors benchmark
  • restructuring or creating your account
  • creating campaigns with personalized ads
  • bid strategies based on machine learning
  • setting of trackings and conversions
  • performance steering strategy
  • automated reports

Waisso was a finalist of the 2018 Search Grand Prix.