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Mediarithmics is a French platform for open and scalable data marketing aimed at covering the entire value chain of digital marketing and to manage omnichannel activation without recourse to an intermediary.

Halfway between the DMP and the CDP, the Mediarithmics Universal Data Platform includes different units activated in its technological stack in a single installation. The advertiser is thus able to have an all-in-one tool able to manage all the marketing scenarios and to interface with the complete IS architecture.

The different Mediarithmics units

  • Marketing automation : creation and animation of relational campaigns thanks to an email router included in the platform. The integration of marketing trigger campaigns can be started up when sending audiences created in the DMP / CDP.
  • DMP / CDP : management of a 360 degree view of the user via the aggregation of online and offline data allowing the creation of audiences based on a scoring methodology. Possibility to create twin profiles.
  • Programmed campaigns : using the DSP Mediarithmics to avoid data leakage and optimize the real-time control of programmed campaigns. Integration of a Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) unit.
  • Performance analysis : aggregated view of campaign performance around an attribution approach.

How can WAISSO support you ?

Thanks to its technical expertise and business in DMP and CDP solutions, Waisso supports you on 3 levels :

  • Implementation of the Mediarithmics tool in the client IS architecture
  • Activation : business support in segment creation and activation strategy
  • Attribution : configuration of the tool and analysis of the client marketing mix in order to identify the relevant levers