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Pardot is the Salesforce solution for marketing automation, B2B-oriented or long-cycle sales. Its role is to animate your visitors, prospects and customers. Calculating scorings at the level of the contact and the ABM company, it makes possible to identify, easily and at any time, the value of the contact (cold, hot prospect, etc.). Providing a centralized database for campaign management and report creation, Pardot can unify your marketing and sales services to better work together. A Sales Cloud license is required to run Pardot and benefits from access to the Salesforce AppExchange.

This solution will allow you to:

  • Boost your commercial pipeline with nurturing and lead qualification
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Build privileged relationships by sending emails from salespeople
  • Share marketing activities of contacts and companies with salespeople
  • Calculate your return on marketing investment

Waisso supports you:

  • Upstream of the project, writing the expression of requirements for marketing.
  • Personalization of Pardot and, integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud (SFA)
  • Advice and recommendation of strategies, organization of the marketing department, optimization of marketing performance
  • Assistance with segmentation, scripting, implementation of B2B marketing campaigns and their operational execution
  • Reliability of the platform and its feeds as part of a TMA